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Name, Purpose, Organization, Membership

Section 1.01 Name

a) The name of the organization shall be Eau Claire Commercial Dartball League.

Section 1.02 Purpose

a) The purpose of the league is to create a positive, friendly atmosphere where all who play can enjoy the game of dartball.
b) The league will furthermore promote the game of dartball through various media outlets such as the Internet, newspapers, and other media sources.

Section 1.03 Organization

a) In the event the Eau Claire Commercial Dartball League shall ever dissolve, all assets shall be donated to another dartball league in the nearby area as chosen by the current league officers.

Section 1.04 Members

a) Anyone who plays in the Eau Claire Commercial Dartball League is considered a member of the league and shall represent the league in a positive manner.
b) Any new league teams will be welcomed into the league at the fall captains meeting and a representative must be present.


Section 2.01 Officers

a) Officers of the Eau Claire Commercial Dartball League shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2.02 Meetings

a) Meetings shall take place at the American Legion on Water Street in Eau Claire or any other reasonable public facility.
b) A meeting will take place with league officers and one team captain per team prior to the beginning of the season.
c) A post-season meeting shall take place with the entire membership at the league banquet to gather feedback for league improvement and changes for future league play.
d) Special meetings may be called mid-season by the President to address issues not covered at the beginning of the season. The secretary will notify league officers at least three days in advance.

Duties of Officers

Section 3.01 League Officers General Duties

a) Promote the sport of dartball in a positive manner
b) Make decisions for the league that arise after the captain's meeting

Section 3.02 Officers Pay

a) League secretary will be paid $300, which is to include all supplies, for fulfilling their duties. This amount will be paid at the end of the season.

Section 3.03 President

a) Organize and run all meetings.
b) Create the league schedule.
c) Order boards as needed.
d) Organize the league banquet and buy raffle prizes.
e) Umpire chief to settle disputes that arise during league play. Vice President will take over this duty in absence of the president

Section 3.04 Vice President

a) Take over duties as president in their absence.
b) Determine if league play should be canceled due to inclement weather.

Section 3.05 Secretary

a) Keep accurate records of meeting minutes.
b) Keep accurate records of league standings and run averages for handicap purposes.
c) Distribute and collect nightly game reports and send to Leader-Telegram for publishing. Each nightly game sheet will have the handicap runs that teams will receive equally distributed.
d) Compile end of year statistics to hand out at league banquet

Section 3.06 Treasurer

a) Maintain accurate records of income and expenses for the league.
b) Collect and accurately record weekly player fees from teams.
c) Distribute funds

Section 3.07 State Committee Representatives

a) Elected by the state committee at annual meeting.
b) Representatives from league will be paid $75 each to cover expenses for travel, food and/or lodging.

Succession Plan and Election Process

Section 4.01 Succession Plan

a) In the event that the President is unable to fulfill their duties, the Vice President will serve as Interim President. The Interim President shall conduct the election of a new President as soon as possible.
b) If any other league officers besides the President are unable to fulfill the duties of that position, the President will appoint a replacement that must be approved by the league officers.

Section 4.02 Election Process

a) Anyone wanting to be considered for an office must contact the President two weeks prior to the league banquet.
b) Election of officers will take place during the league banquet and voted on by the entire membership by paper ballot each year.

Section 4.03 Officer Terms

a) League officer's term will be for one year beginning once they are elected at the league banquet.

General League Information

Section 5.01 Location and Time

a) All games will be played at the American Legion 643 Water Street, Eau Claire.
b) Start time is 7:30pm.

Section 5.02 League Fees

a) a) Each team will play a fee of $300 for the season. $150 must be paid by December 15th and the other installment by March 2. Teams can pay entire fee early if they wish.

Section 5.03 Teams

a) Teams must consist of a minimum of four players. Teams can choose to play with more if they like.
b) Teams not having four players present by 7:30pm will be given a 15 minute grace period. After the 15 minutes has passed, at that point play will begin with the team receiving automatic outs for every player short of the required four players.
c) Each team captain is responsible for collecting the weekly fees and delivering them to the treasurer by the end of the first game.

Section 5.04 Scoring

a) An 80% handicap system will be used.
b) Handicap will be calculated by taking the difference in the two teams run averages, multiplying by 0.8 and always rounded down to the nearest whole number.
c) Handicap runs will be equally distributed throughout the game as indicated on the nightly score summary sheet. A team cannot get their last handicap run until they have met their run average.
d) Last year's run average will be used for the first three weeks of league play each season.
e) New teams to the league will be given an agreed upon run average based on the team captain of the new team and the league officers.
f) A new team will be defined as any team with two or more players who didn't play the previous season.

Section 5.05 League Schedule

a) The league will play a two round schedule. All teams will play each other in the first round. In the second round, the teams will be randomly drawn into two separate divisions and teams will only play within that division.
b) The league schedule should have approximately 22 weeks of league play and 2 weeks of playoffs. This is subject to change depending on the number of teams.

Section 5.06 Players

a) There is no age limit to play. Players under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
b) A player may be male or female. All players will shoot from the same pitching line.
c) Teams shall submit a roster on the first night of play. Teams may add to their roster at any time, but may not delete players from their roster. Roster players may only play for one team.
d) Substitutes may play for any team throughout the season.
e) If a team drops out of the league during the season, players may play with another team.
f) Any player restricted to a wheelchair may place the rear wheels of the chair up to the foul line.

Section 5.07 Player Conduct

a) Players are expected to use good sportsmanship at all times.
b) Destructive or unsafe acts will not be tolerated.
c) Destructive acts will result in the violating team paying for the damage. Damage amounts will be determined by the American Legion manager and league officers.
d) Unsafe acts would constitute any physical injury and will result in an immediate ejection for the remainder of that night.
e) Any player violating the league's player conduct expectations more than once may be suspended or expelled from the league by a majority vote from the league captains. In the event of a tie, the league officers will make the final decision. Any league actions will be handled prior to the following weeks play.

Section 5.08 Playoffs

a) Positions for the league playoffs will be determined by the cumulative standings of the entire season.
b) If two teams are tied with the same overall record, the first tie breaker will be head-to-head record. The second tie breaker will be second round division record. Third tie breaker will be total runs scored head to head, including handicap. Fourth tie breaker will be a coin toss.
c) If three teams or more are tied with the same overall record, the first tie breaker will be head-to-head record against all tied opponents. Second tie breaker will be second round divisional record. Third tie breaker will be a coin flip. A tie breaker may be applied more than once if teams are eliminated after the first tie breaker.
d) A bracket system with groups of four teams will be used to determine a league champion and end of year payouts. This system will be modified annually at the fall captain's meeting to accommodate the number of teams in the league.
e) Home team will be determined by the team with the higher seed.

Section 5.09 League Banquet

a) The league banquet will be held the Thursday after the last week of playoffs.
b) Each player attending the banquet is required to give a $10 deposit which will be refunded at the banquet if they show up. Deposits for players who do not show up will be forfeited to the league's general fund.
c) The league will purchase door prizes to be given away at the banquet with a total cost to be determined by the amount of money available in the league's general fund.
d) Prize money will be given to each team in the league based on the list below. Subject to change depending on number of teams.
i. 1st place - $225
ii. 2nd place - $200
iii. 3rd place - $175
iv. 4th place - $150
v. All other four team brackets - $125(1st), $100(2nd), $75(3rd), $50(4th)

Section 5.10 Game Play Rules

a) Three, nine inning games will be played each night.
b) Twelve practice darts can only be thrown until 7:30pm. An opposing team captain may allow a late player to practice beyond 7:30pm.
c) A team may not switch umpires during the middle of an inning.
d) Home team is responsible for putting the board and stand away immediately following end of play.
e) The last team playing each night must roll up the mat.
f) Burlap screens shall be placed behind the boards each night.


Section 6.01

a) These bylaws may be amended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the league's team captains.